Here is my message of hope to the still overweight, frustrated, despairing, but “otherwise competent” individual:  if you have learned to focus, strategize and plan successfully for anything in your life (your job, a home improvement, the laundry, your kid’s sport schedules, your pet’s health), then I promise you that you can learn to translate these same skills into successful weight management behaviors.

And, if you have ever lost weight before…ever, then take heart.  For at least some period of time you got a hold of that side of yourself that generates your motivation.  It was not a gift.  It came from within you, and you absolutely can learn to harness that mojo.

Begin your final weight loss journey now….

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Surviving Myself


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So, What Should I Eat?

After 20+ years of successful coaching, of one thing I am certain:  individuals must customize their food plans.  I can help in my section entitled So, What Should I Eat?