It’s Not Just Bull****

Feb 26, 2010

It’s Not Just Bull****

One of my clients was recounting a story to me of how she had agonized that morning getting herself to exercise.   You know the conversation, when you are all warm and cozy (have had lots of practice and are very, very good at managing to talk yourself out of  it anyway) and begin the dialogue of trying to convince yourself to get out of bed and exercise.

She told me that, as she ran 22 excuses through her head, she was at least able to stop herself and say, “Bull***, just get up and do it”.  Great of course, because we have to get better at calling our own bluff like that, and will with more practice. 

But there is another crucial angle here:  behind every one of those excuses is probably some legitimate issue she really does have to figure out.   They are real issues to figure out, not bull****.   In fact, the real price tag to excuse making is that we never end up finding solutions because the excuse is permission not to look.  This person happens to be a self-employed professional with two special needs kids, and there really are a thousand things that make the logistics of exercising challenging.  And every one of those excuses for not getting out of bed is probably going to need a solution eventually if this is to get easier for her.

Just practicing not buying into the excuse will make it easier with time, of course, because we get better at not being a victim of our own bull****.   Through repetition we do create habits that can over-ride the resistance – they sort of beat it into submission eventually, like a little kid who eventually ge

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