With Whom Are You Sharing Your Skittles?

Feb 27, 2013

With Whom Are You Sharing Your Skittles?

An interesting little factoid of which the science community is totally aware, but the average person never hears, is the connection  between cancer and sugar.  In fact, it is such a strong link that the PET scan industry uses this very information to locate cancer cells in our bodies.

How does it work?  To begin with, you have to realize that everybody has cancer cells in their body all the time, it is just a question of your body’s ability to fend off the 100,000 plus hits a day an average cell takes from a whole host of sources, cancer being only one.  Plant chemicals do the lion’s share of the defending – hence the nine serving a day recommendation.  BTW do you know the average amount of vegetables per day that a typical American teenager is currently eating – if you don’t count iceberg lettuce, french fries and catsup?  One serving every three days.  Uh oh.

Understanding that cancer cells are preferential sugar feeders, technicians radioactively label sugar water and inject it into you.  Within minutes it finds all your cancer cells and feeds them their personal filet mignon.  So, when you are consuming sugar (whether in the obvious form of Skittles, or the less obvious forms of breakfast cereals or pasta, for example) you are inadvertently nourishing and sustaining, literally providing the life source for whatever cancer cells happen to be hanging around.  Scary but again, fixable.


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