Weight Loss Resistance/Plateau Buster Plan*

Dec 18, 2013

Weight Loss Resistance/Plateau Buster Plan*








Cycle plans #1 and #2 weekly:


PLAN #1 – Eat Less, Exercise Less Plan (see guides below)

Eat Less Plan

3 meals per day – 2 meals are protein shakes, 1 real food meal

Exercise Less Plan

3 relaxation exercise sessions of at least 1/2 hour per week per week, plus

2 traditional weight training per week, plus

1 hour daily slow walking (3.0 mph or slower) per week


PLAN #2 – Eat More, Exercise More Plan (see guides below)

Eat More Plan

3 real meals plus 2 shakes – 2 times the starch after workouts

Exercise More Plan

3 traditional weight workouts per week, plus

2 interval cardio workouts per week, plus

2 traditional cardio workouts per week



Real Food Meal Plan:

3 parts non-starchy veggies, 2 parts lean/clean protein, 1 part low glycemic whole food starch such as beans or yam or brown rice = 1/2 cup, small amount clean fat

Shake Recipe:

30-50 grams of pea protein for maximum sustained fullness, mixed with almond or coconut milk, one scoop greens, one scoop reds/oranges/ purples (speak to me about brands)



Relaxation Exercises: 

napping, gentle yoga, massage, tai chi, etc.


Traditional Weight Workout Recommendation:

-5 sets of max 10 reps each of four exercises (recommended – chest press, squat, overhead shoulder press, back rows), or

traditional weight circuit hitting all major body parts for no more than 12 reps- at least 3 sets


Traditional Cardio and Interval Workouts:

-typical cardio or interval class at the gym

-light jog, brisk walking

-intervals on the elliptical or treadmill – 1 minute bursts with 3 minute cool downs for  

 20-30 minutes


*Adapted from: Keoni and Jade Teta’s (MetabolicEffect.com, The New ME Diet) protocols

**For severe metabolic damage stick with Eat Less Exercise Less until metabolism starts to respond with fat loss and HEC changes.

 ***To find the right balance (how much carb/protein), measure cravings, energy, hunger and fat loss.

****To repair severe adrenals or thyroid damage, expect it to take 3-15 months although when you see metabolic response (in as little as  3 months) you can start to take the calories and exercise up slowly.

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