From Appetite to Insulin to Fat Deposition…Incretins Rule!

Nov 13, 2016

From Appetite to Insulin to Fat Deposition…Incretins Rule!

Primarily because of all that has been learned from the huge rise in bariatric surgeries, science has begun to reveal the secrets of a family of gut hormones called Incretins (26 so far) that influence everything from satiety and cravings to inflammation, insulin resistance and fat deposition. Many of the new diabetes meds (i.e. Byetta, Victosa, Januvia) work by increasing or mimicking the actions of these very hormones.

And here is the good news:  you can increase these helpful hormones through these 5 lifestyle choices.

  • eat breakfast (especially blood sugar balancing choices like protein and produce)
  • chew your food (which of course implies you are even eating something that requires continued chewing (likely real, whole food)
  • exercise…any!
  • eat polyphenols ( in green plants)
  • use whey or pea protein shakes (professional vitamin companies make whey from grassfed animals and pea from organic, non-GMO sources)

You might here note that the fast food industry works to make foods that are exact opposites:  they aren’t typically protein and produce, do not contain polyphenols nor are they generally non-GMO or organic, and above all do not require prolonged chewing.  Hmmm….

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