December 10

Dec 10, 2016

What are they thinking?…I don’t want to draw attention to myself.  One of my clients who happens to be a therapist herself, caught herself hesitating to move a bread basket away at a dinner with two couple friends.  She realized that it was because she thought it would draw attention to her extra weight.  She laughed and answered herself, “Who am I kidding?  My weight draws attention to my weight.”

Case in point:  A Dean Ornish graduate was meeting with her monthly support group.  This is America and, as you know, if there is more than one person gathered for any purpose, there is likely food.   Embarrassed that bringing healthy food for herself to snack on instead demonstrated a lack of self-control, she chose not to bring the apples that work so perfectly to keep her from eating junk at meetings.  She wondered later if the three donuts she ate were a better reflection on her willpower!

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