August 12

Aug 12, 2017

I have found that, if I come back from vacation and I don’t owe anything back, I am more inclined to get right back on track.  If feel like a beached whale and know that I have done incredible calorie damage that I am going to be paying back for weeks, I am inclined to stay off track awhile longer.  If all I have to do is get back to my regular routine and within a couple of days the scale will have reconciled itself, I am more likely to do just that.   Learning to do “skinny days” on travel days is a huge help with this.  It bookends the trip with reasonable days, and by the time I am home, I have already had one day back on track under my belt.

Making the task into something “doable” works too with my unplanned overeating days.  If I take a look at the math and see how, with a little juggling, I can fit the surplus in and still maintain my goal weight calories for the week, I am inclined to do just that.  As one of my clients says, “It becomes a mathematical problem I can solve.”

That reminds me of when I would manage to quit smoking for say 3 months and then go back.  Once I knew I was able to quit for as long as 3 months, it was hard to just sell myself out and resign myself to remaining a smoker.  A little voice in the back of my head would keep nagging me, “You know you can do it, Susan.”  In a way, I was almost sorry to find that out.   I can so relate to someone deliberately not going to Twelve Step Program because they are afraid they will actually stop the behavior and they are really not sure they want to.   Once I know I can, it’s hard to give myself permission not to.

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