January 12

Jan 12, 2018

Intellectual Basics – I have to figure out how I sabotage myself.  I will speak for myself, but I have found that I keep doing this in the same ways (unique to me perhaps) over and over.  Everyone seems to have a couple of real Achilles heels that are the catalysts for all the other problems, like ripples in a pool.  Find the lynch pins, and you can prevent a whole tirade of subsequent regrettable behaviors.  The problem for a lot of us, I have found, is that we don’t recognize or take seriously these tipping points or pivotal moments until they have escalated and spiraled out of control.  Unfortunately, at that point, I don’t even want to help myself.  Often, the thing I needed to take care of waaaaay at the beginning of the chain was something very simple, that wouldn’t have been all that hard to fix at its inception.

A great example of this that still trips me up when I don’t stay on top of it is skipping real meals.  Really not that hard to take care of.  I can structure my home and office environment to provide lots of grabbable foods for when I am on the go and didn’t plan particularly well, or perhaps at all.  But try to stop the snacking train at 11 pm when I am not adequately fed…?

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