February 13

Feb 13, 2018

Roadblock:  I can stay committed to eating well if…I can maintain my reputation as a baker, pizza chef, candy maker, etc.  I remember Dr Phil interviewing a chef who had started at 170 pounds and was now around 450.  “But I am a Chef,” he told Dr. Phil.  “Find a different career or you are going to have a very short career” was more or less the characteristically no nonsense answer he got back.  Francine, who had lost 120 lbs.,  kept reading Gourmet Magazine each night before bed.  Eventually even the increasing doses of Prozac could not fend off her mysteriously increasing appetite in response to that stimulation.

Safe detour:  Melissa passed the cupcake mantle to another teacher, and now brings an edible arrangement.  Willie just skips bringing the pastries from Brooklyn that he believed he was known (and possibly even invited) for.  So far, no one has asked about them.  Maybe they respect his need to keep himself out of trouble.  Or maybe they were never that important to everyone to begin with.  Happily, he is still invited, so at least he knows he is wanted for his charming presence!

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