• US Wellness Meats (Grass-fed Products)Natural. Sustainable. Humanely handled.  The enjoyment and nutrition of beef with a healthy fat profile similar to fish, these products are raised by a network of families in Missouri and Illinois without added hormones or antibiotics, and shipped to you overnight..

Why buy Grassfed Beef?
Visit their website to order products. You can also learn more about the farms as well as the importance of and differences in grass-fed product.

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Why Buy Supplements Through Your Healthcare Practitioner?

Over the years, I have seen how confusing it can be for patients to evaluate the quality of a product on their own.  The companies I recommend, after extensive nutrient research reviews and product searches, follow strict guidelines for highest quality and most bioavailable raw ingredients, and regularly assay their products to confirm that what is on the label is exactly what is in the product.  Professional lines are only available through health care providers to ensure that the patient is using supplements and dosages appropriate for them.

I have done my homework so that you can have confidence in the supplements you take and give to your family.  I trust you will be as satisfied as I am.  These are the very same products that I use myself, and with my own family and friends.

To view my current recommendations and favorite products, visit Vitamin Basics

If you are unsure of whether you need to be taking vitamins, visit Do I Need To Take Vitamins

  • Designs for Health (my preferred professional vitamin company)
  • I have elected to participate in DFH Select Certified Practitioner Webstore a program that allows me offer free shipping on all your orders as well as an on-going discount on all future orders.  Email me ( or call me (201-664-8111) or text me (201-819-1621) for an ongoing discount code.  I am not permitted to post it!
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  • The DFH mission is to foster knowledge among the public that natural therapies exist to prevent and treat a wide range of ailments, and to facilitate the integration of the most cutting edge scientifically valid research supporting these therapies in clinical practice.
  • Emerson Ecologics (a vitamin warehouse for additional top quality professional brands)
  • “Wellevate” is the patient portal that allows me to provide you with a 10% discount now and for the future.
  • Emerson offers free shipping via this link for orders over $49!
  • Emerson Ecologics supplies the highest quality natural supplements from a variety of professional vitamin companies.