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NUTRITION INFORMATION  provides complete nutritional information on any food or recipe, and helps you select foods that best meet your dietary needs.

CharlesPoliquin.comone of the most cutting edge exercise websites.  Features lots of good articles authored by many of the best credentialed experts in the marketplace. – how old are you really?  This site actually adjusts your physiological age to your answers about your lifestyle habits, bringing home the impact your daily choices are having on your longevity and expected quality of life. I don’t agree 100% with some of the recommendations, especially concerning types of fats, but you get some interesting insights none the less. – Must visit website for anyone wanting the most current research and exercise recommendations for using exercise to manage hormones for maximum benefit – not only maximum fat utilization, but also for maximum anti-aging effects.  Explanation of the science behind the dietary and exercise recommendations.  Videos of the exercises (click on “The Moves”) to help you get started.  Along with Charles Poliquin’s and Johnny Bowden’s websites, truly cutting edge science.

Everyone in the world but me probably already knew about, but here is another, and it is actually a blog sent to me by a client. The healthy recipes sound really creative (and apparently tasty from the looks of the comments):

To every question about health or nutrition, the answer is always the same…Vegetables, Vegetables, Vegetables!


The HMR Calorie System is the most accurate and reliable source I know.  Since it is a system that you memorize, you never have to consult a book or website, you can figure out exactly what you are eating, never be misled by inaccurate labels and you can never (try as you might) forget it.  It can be learned in a couple of hours, and you will never need another resource.  As a back up or alternative to this system, there are websites you can join,. However, I don’t think that they are ever as accurate as assessing what is actually in front of you!


Nothing can compare to The Body Gem device which measures accurate (to within 1%) resting metabolic rate.


Tanita TBF-300 Body Composition Analyzer