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What is Metabolism?

Metabolism, or Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), is how quickly or slowly your body burns calories to maintain basic body functions such as breathing, keeping your heart pumping and your brain working. RMR represents the number of calories your body burns “at rest” and can account for up to 80% of the calories you burn each day.

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Know your Metabolic Rate

Project Your Budget

Issues that effect metabolism

Are you weight loss resistant?

Liver Detoxification

Know your Metabolic Rate

Why is Knowing your Metabolic Rate Important for Weight Management?

Weight management success is to a large degree (although not exclusively) a matter of balancing the calories you eat with the calories you burn.* Knowing your unique metabolism allows you to establish calorie budgets that work for you. It enables you to determine the correct calorie budget to meet specific weight loss goals, as well as tailor your permanent weight management plan to the exact budget for the weight you want to be. With the combination of this technology and the HMR Calorie System (which allows you to accurately assess your food calorie intake), there will be no more wondering what it’s going to take to get where you want to go and stay there!

*Some rare metabolic disorders or disease states can be exceptions. However, even with these conditions there is often an identifiable RMR number.

Who Should be Measured?

  • People who have difficulty losing or gaining weight
  • Adolescents or the elderly who may vary from the “standard estimates”
  • People with a history of significant weight loss, especially more than once
  • People on medications which appear to be affecting their weight

Why Use the Body Gem to Measure Metabolism?

Until recently there has not been an easy or economical way to precisely measure metabolism, and we have relied upon “standard estimates” which are reasonably accurate for most people. However, there is some variability in metabolism from person to person which could manifest itself as a significant difference in weight over time. Especially for those for whom it has been difficult to lose weight, it can help identify whether they truly have a lower than average metabolic rate, and what that number actually is so that they may adjust their weight loss plans and future caloric budgets accordingly. Body Gem provides a simple ten-minute breathing test that is accurate and has been validated against the “gold standard” Douglas Bag to measure RMR within 1%.

Why Have the Test Done by a Weight Management Specialist?

Your RMR number is only useful to you if you understand how to use it to develop your own individually-tailored, metabolism-specific food and exercise program. Taking both your current lifestyle and your RMR mathematics into account, I can provide you with all the behavioral and caloric tools you’ll need to reach and maintain your target weight.

Preparing for the Test

To ensure accuracy, before your test:

  • Do not eat for at least 4 hours
  • Do not exercise for at least 4 hours (aerobic or strength training)
  • Do not consume caffeine or nutritional supplements or medications containing ephedra, Ma Huang or pseudoephedrine for 4 hours
  • Do not smoke or use nicotine for 1 hour

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Projecting Your “Budget”

Your (current and goal) weight
x metabolic rate*
= Daily “maintenance” calories
x 7 days per week =


Why 1 week at a time?

Everyone understands the concept of a weekly salary. Your body “catches up” within a few days. If you keep delaying balancing overeating, you will likely just let it go.

Why is there a lag time on the scale?

Lots of reasons, some of which we don’t know. Water swings due to: salt, hormones, medications, humidity, exercise, etc.

What about “set point” or plateaus?

Your body tends to “hang out” at certain weights for a period of time, but if you continue to overeat, you’ll eventually gain again, and if you continue to undereat, you’ll eventually lose again. The best way to readjust your set point is through exercise.

* Metabolic Rate Estimates – Calories per pound per day

*(Your specific metabolic rate can be calculated by appointment)*

11 – 15 =  Children, depending on chronological age
13 – 15 = Teenagers
10 = Women over 50 years,
         Women with history of weight losses and gains
11 = Average women under 50 years
        Men over 50 years
        Men with history of weight losses and gains
12 = Average men under 50 years

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Each year millions of people start diets that don’t work…WHY?

After 20+ years of individual weight management coaching, I find that more than 90% of the people I counsel, once given the right tools, can account for their weight losses or gains by the calories (both liquid and solid) they consume.So, don’t be misled…

* Early weight losses, especially if dramatic, are mostly water.
* You may have expectations of more weight loss than is actually possible given your start weight and the calories you are taking in and/or burning through exercise.
* There is a lag time between what you are doing today and when that loss shows up on the scale.

Do you have food intolerances?The ALCAT test is a comprehensive food intolerance test that identifies delayed reactions to foods that an be responsible for weight loss resistance and inefficient fat burning, as well as other common problems such as fatigue, IBS, depression, migraines, arthritis, asthma, candidiasis, skin problems, etc.… If you have a hidden food intolerance, ALCAT will find it.

*With a single prick of your finger you can find out your reaction to 20 of the most common foods:

Gluten Sweet Potato Garlic Tuna Turkey
Soybeans Orange Cane sugar Tomato Corn
Barley Beef Carrot Cow’s milk Tuna
Lemon Peanut Rice Pork Broccoli
*More extensive panels are available through my office.

View a video of Dr. Fred Pescatore
former director of the Atkins Weight Loss Centers,
speaking about using these tests at his clinic.


Is your fat burning machinery working properly?Through a simple home test kit, The Comprehensive Metabolic Profile, can answer all these questions and many more.

Despite all the “magic bullets” falsely advertised in the media, there are legitimate, scientifically valid, natural supplements that can repair this broken machinery.

A toxic liver may stand in the way of your body’s ability to burn fuel properly. Maybe you need to detoxify?

Are you lacking lean muscle mass?

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Do you have neuro-metabolic issues?Learn to do everything you can to manage CCK, Neuropeptide Y, Leptin, Adiponectin, etc. – the chemicals that regulate fat metabolism and appetite.

Are you doing the “wrong” kind of exercise?New research has changed the age-old recommendations. We can evaluate your exercise as well as post-exercise meals to determine if you are maximizing your efforts.

Are you over tired or over stressed? Learn how these lifestyle issues could be thwarting your efforts.

Are your hormone ratios supporting the storage of fat, or the building of muscle? Find out.

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Are you a slow oxidizer or a fast oxidizer?Learn the proper food plan to compliment your basic biochemistry.

How can you take the mystery out of weight loss?

1. The HMR Calorie SystemSM – an easily memorized system you can learn to accurately determine your calorie intake and thus not be misled by inaccurate labels or advertising.

2. The Body Gem Test – a 10-minute breathing test that can accurately assess your resting metabolic rate (the calories you are burning daily for just being alive).

3.Tanita Body Composition Analyzer – will tell you if you have adequate lean mass or if you have become “overfat” from excessive dieting, lack of exercise or merely aging.

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