Real Stories of Real People Mastering their Real Life Challenges

Jan 29, 2010

Real Stories of Real People Mastering their Real Life Challenges

It’s always clearer when it’s someone else’s life, right?

Following are stories of individual clients (or even me) finding ways to manage their struggles with food using behavioral and cognitive techniques.  Their specific circumstances may not be your circumstances, but try to identify with the nature of the challenge and their process rather than comparing the details of your life.

These stories demonstrate in a very concrete way how you can use your own often painful history to understand yourself and to predict your behaviors.  They can provide you with insights on how to to get on the right track right from the get go, or effectively head yourself off at the pass if it is too late for that.  Turns out, there’s always lots you can do to set yourself in the right direction from the start or get off the tracks before the train runs you down.

When you make your environment support you rather than test you, situations become easy wins rather than battlefields.  With repetition, these actions will become second nature.

Except for my personal stories, the names and other identifying details have been changed to “protect the innocent”, so any similarity you may see to anyone you know is purely coincidence.

If you have an inspiring story to share, please contact me at  I would love to publish your “personal victory”!

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