Skinny Agreements

Sep 26, 2014

Skinny Agreements

Much like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors, my internal cookie monster is awakened – not appeased – by holiday goodies. So, it’s no surprise that right about this time every December, as “Feeeed Me” would drown out any voice of moderation, I would make more and more rash promises about the January Diet program that would fix me.

I believed that the sheer joy of being skinny would make staying skinny easy and oh so worth it. But just when I thought I could rest on my skinny laurels, my overeating self would stubbornly resurface.

Rather than taking the time and compassion to deconstruct exactly how I had arrived at this juncture yet again, the plan was to starve/punish my overeating self into submission. And, deceptively, it would work for a while.  Who hasn’t lost weight on a liquid fast, HCG or the Bead diet?

But, if I use a program as the launch pad it was intended to be and add the strategies that I figured out for myself, ahhh, then I have crafted my own unique formula for permanent success.

My Top Five Skinny Agreements:

1. Learn to jump off the track long before the train runs me down.

2. Let my actions generate the motivation I never realized had always come from within.

3. Balance off overeating as I go so weight loss continues to buoy my commitment.

4. Get over the apparent insult to my intelligence that controlling my environment seems to imply and just do it because it works.

5. Acknowledge that no plan is a deliberate plan not to have a plan.

What have you learned about yourself from your weight loss successes?  What are your own, very personal skinny agreements?




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