Morning Musings

I love my quiet time in the morning.

Seems I wake up, more often than not with the FID’s.  That’s:  Fear Of Impending Doom.  I don’t know why I seem to “come to” most days in this state, but, thank God (or Good Orderly Direction, or Source, or Universal Intelligence, or whatever you want to call it), I do know what to do about it. Continue reading “Morning Musings” »

July 22

One of my most well worn rationalizations lines is:  “I am fine as long as I don’t open it”.  True, but am I planning on never opening it?  Did I buy it for it to rot on the shelf?  My […]

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July 21

But, these are my husband’s (or children’s) leftovers!  Really?  If you end up eating them, then apparently they are your leftovers.  I act like I have kitchen elves.  What sometimes works for my clients is to have everyone take exactly […]

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July 20

What I need to know about myself is that I become more attached to the food the longer I own it.  If I don’t capitalize on the moment of clarity when I know that I should chuck it, it is […]

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July 19

I don’t know about you, but I know that I hate to throw food away once I have spent money on it   But does it make any sense to be unwilling to throw out a $5 coffee cake and then […]

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July 18

I can feel it in my bones when there is junk food on the premises.  At my sister’s, for example, I would ask if she minded if I had one of the Drakes Coffee Cake Juniors in her pantry.  She […]

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July 17, 2016

True confessions.  OK, so here is what I had to do to help myself with peanut butter.  Of course, you do not need to tell me, I could have just not kept Skippy Super Chunk in the house – obviously.  […]

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