Morning Musings

I love my quiet time in the morning.

Seems I wake up, more often than not with the FID’s.  That’s:  Fear Of Impending Doom.  I don’t know why I seem to “come to” most days in this state, but, thank God (or Good Orderly Direction, or Source, or Universal Intelligence, or whatever you want to call it), I do know what to do about it. Continue reading “Morning Musings” »

October 22

A truly valuable and edifying exercise is to make a list of what I say to myself and what the truth actually is.  I take a piece of lined paper and make two columns, labeling one list “What I Tell […]

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October 21

 The beauty of rationalizations is that they are always partially true.  But they are only “part” of the story – the part I want to hear and buy into.  They are never the whole story.  It’s that grain of truth […]

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October 20

Rationalizations are a technique that appeals to the “thinking person” (I like to tell myself) because they are not a such blatant blow off, but allow me to give myself an intellectually plausible explanation for my behavior.   In some ways, […]

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October 19

A great way to call my bluff on my promises about future payback is to ask myself to nail down the specifics of the promise.  If I find myself resisting commitment to when and how I plan to reconcile my […]

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October 18

What’s the real problem?  The real problem for me is often that I really don’t want to or am not convinced that I have to, not that this is not the right time, or that the circumstances need to be […]

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October 17

Since promises are always about the future, a good way to tell if I am bull****ing myself is to ask myself if there is any real reason why I have to plan this for the future, why I can’t do it […]

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