Morning Musings

I love my quiet time in the morning.

Seems I wake up, more often than not with the FID’s.  That’s:  Fear Of Impending Doom.  I don’t know why I seem to “come to” most days in this state, but, thank God (or Good Orderly Direction, or Source, or Universal Intelligence, or whatever you want to call it), I do know what to do about it. Continue reading “Morning Musings” »

May 27

Exercising on the morning of a really long workday is how I have the energy to get through the long workday.  This is especially true if I can’t get enough sleep the night before one of those 15-hour days (you […]

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May 26

A friend of mine said that he finally stated attending AA meetings regularly (and is now celebrating 13 years of hard won sobriety) when a well-intentioned friend suggested to him that he schedule his life around his meetings rather than […]

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May 25

Sometimes when I ask myself to do something that is a real push, it is easier to do it at the end of the week, right before the weekend.  I know that I am going to be able to be […]

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May 24

I usually don’t schedule my exercise into a time that I absolutely know I will want to be relaxing – like at the end of my often long days.  When I get home, I know I like to be done […]

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May 23

When I am particularly busy it helps me to get myself to exaercise if I can multitask It.   Some of my clients walk to do errands.  I often listen to work related conference calls that I download onto my ipod, […]

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May 22

Often, the thing I put my exercise off for (and of course I never get the exercise in at all that day once I “delay” it) are things that I usually could do some other time.  They are things I […]

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